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Gentley challenges the rules of dating in a sincere manner. Empowering our users to feel confident in their relationship choices.

Our leading-edge matchmaking app only has fully verified members who know what they want. Our clientele of extremely successful gentlemen and ladies are looking for companionship, and engage in affluent dating.

Gentley offers a mix of high-quality matches where gentlemen and ladies can meet on their own terms. 

Our users are successful men and ambitious women with a taste for the finer things in life. 

They are used to a distinguished lifestyle and value their privacy and seek real engagements above all else. Gentley offers its clients a secure and discreet platform with the freedom to explore relationships according to their desires.


Communication and interaction

This App features a full stack of state of the art communication options, including video and VoIP.


Interface design and User Experience

Every aspect of Gentley, starting with the Scandinavian design, all the way through the user interface, has been created to provide a sense of quality and trust. Every swipe or click should give the user confidence and a sense of value. Gentley does not seek to impress with effects, but rather with great love for detail and precision.

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Trust is the foundation of interaction

The verification system not only ensures the authenticity of all of our users, but it also considers their values and goals. Gentley is not for everyone, it is a platform for those who share a common system of values and are looking for like-minded people. Those who don’t follow the principles of the modern gentleman or lady might find Gentley not to be the right place for them.

This verification process, therefore, improves the experience of all of our users.

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